XML DevCon

I’ve spent the great majority of my career working for software vendors in one capacity or another ; this has led to a natural hatred to trade shows. Most technical specialists who work for sellers will make it obvious that trade shows are one of the most difficult sides of the job. Sales reps are off making phone calls and working deals and you’re stuck in the booth handing out knick-knacks to a gigantic army of guests. In the worst instances the Firm has you dressed up in some silly costume dreamed up by a marketing department that doesn’t have to wear it. Nowadays I go to these conferences as a fully-fledged attendee for my clients, and it’s a lot more fun. So it was with a light heart and a full agenda that I made my way to NY City for XML DevCon.

Since I live just west of the city, the trip was a short drive away ; however, May and June are heavy parade seasons there. Registration started at 11 a.m. On Sunday, but Fifth Avenue was closed off for the Pride parade that started at midday. I managed to squeak into the Hilton by 11:15 and had the time to dump my bags and take a quick walk round the parade grounds before my first session. If you’ve never spent an afternoon in NY City attending a parade – any parade – you don’t know what you are missing. It’s a melange of folk, food, sites, sounds and smells that can’t be beat. I was compelled to cut my time short to attend the Sunday training sessions.


Much to my continuing surprise the Sun. sessions were definitely packed to the gills, and I mean to the gills. It amazes me the XML community is so excited about the topic that they’re content to skip a day of parades and sunlight in NY to listen to lectures on the fine details of XML.

The “XML for Programmers” session I sat through was in a room far too tiny and the conference organizers authorized in too many additional chairs. I think the fire marshal would not have been happy with the layout. In the future I’d counsel that guests join particular training sessions ahead of time, so we will avoid being packed into a boiling hot hotel room.

XML DevCon is headed for some growing pains , but for now it has a lot of clubby charm. I spent the previous week interviewing the iPlanet team from Sun at JavaOne ; the difference in the overall feel of the two events was startling. While JavaOne is more of a rush-seats-at-a-Who-concert mob scene, XML DevCon was a little more relaxed and offered a rather more varied audience. I sat with programmers in one session, Web site designers in another, info exchange designers in a 3rd and the list keeps going. Ajit Sagar predicted in the DevCon Show issue of XML-Journal ( Vol. One, issue Three ) that the growth of XML into different spheres of business would probably cause chaos. I suspect his prophecy is proving to be true, but the chaos will be short-lived. For example in the gaming business online glücksspiel. XML is a very fascinating technology and it’s growing more complicated at a worrying rate – I saw this reflected in XML DevCon itself. The mix of the onlookers is only one sign of the times, but several other factors are causing the chaos speculation to flower.

Although XML as a standard is developing swiftly, a few imperative standards still aren’t ready specifically, XML namespaces and XML schema. These technologies will aid in curbing the chaos by permitting XML documents to be validated against multiple sources. Without them, writers will make infinite changes to a single DTD and the ultimate result is probably going to be problematic in the long term. This was certainly a hot topic at the meeting and is likely to remain a key subject for the imminent future.

Company Information Portals

From an application viewpoint, the hot subject was company info portals. Nearly every company I spoke with is looking at utilising the portal idea to integrate all of their Net-based applications and intranet sites into cohesive units. XML will ultimately be at the centre of the portal game, since portals are a combination of application integration, dynamic page building and transportable computing.

When the internet phenomenon arrived in all its glory, many corporation sellers were surprised and compelled to play catch-up with some of the nimbler technology start up corporations. Clearly they’ve learned their collective lesson from this harrowing experience and have jumped into the XML game powerfully. Not that they’re any farther along with real XML products than they were with Internet-enabled technology when the Net hit.

Nonetheless they’re not about to be caught flat-footed when it comes to XML. As a consequence, each software seller in the known universe has announced support for XML in some fashion. Given the state of XML itself, it’s troublesome for the average consumer to figure out how XML is manifested in any given product. The cynic in me would expect to see boxes of microwave popcorn adorning the shelving of my local supermarket decorated with the words “Now Made With XML” – as if this would lead to better popcorn.

The vendor floorshow was comparatively straggly in contrast to other events such as JavaOne – testimony that there’s more hype than commercial XML solutions available. This isn’t such a bad thing, but it’s one that is certain to change as the market grows. On a relative basis the hype machines were pretty quiet and the floorshow was a rather more relaxed environment than at analogous events. ( I have to admit the Elvis impersonators were a hoot )

Microsoft’s keynote speech was very well attended. It has still to be seen how XML will be manifested inside their product lines, but they clearly suggested that XML will be at the center of Microsoft.Net. Their pitch included a preview of a group of extended commercials that alleged to show the way the common man’s world will be increasingly interconnected. As with many future-looking presentations, the technology went from the “available today” to the “we will chat offline” variety, but I liked the concept. However, I was itching to indicate to them that the actor they selected for the commercials was Seinfeld’s “Kenny Banyan” – who I suspect was referred to as an ack on the program.

-David Allen XML DevCon

Auto Glass Replacement and Repair information

If you own a motor vehicle, the time will likely come when you will need to replace or repair your windshield incase it sustains some damage. The damage can either be in form of a scratch or a small chip. However, it might also be a chip in case of devastating impact. Fortunately, there are several ways of fixing a windshield. It’s possible to repair your windshield without replacing it because some of the minor problems don’t need complete replacement.

Nowadays, there are several professional glass companies which often repair small chips and scratches this makes windshield repair available and economical than full replacement. The professional glass companies can do a very incredible job on repair such that you will not be able to notice the area that has been repaired. A windshield that is beyond repair will require you to replace the whole shield. There are a number of companies that offer the windshield replacement. However, it’s important to look for a company that is experienced in auto glass repair and replacement. To add on that, a number of safety factors also have to be adhered to. This will be taken into consideration by a certified professional auto glass companies.

For instance, when you need a window in your motor replaced, it’s crucial that you have it replaced by original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The O E M ensures that your vehicle is fixed with the right glass and proper safety features. A car windshield glass is very unique and different compared to other glasses used in the car parts. A proper windshield will ensure that you are protected. The glass is designed to withstand significant impact without breaking unlike other glasses in your vehicle. It’s also composed of a thin piece of plastic which is sandwiched between two sheets of safety glass.

The other auto glass, for example the side or back windows are made of tampered glass. Tampering makes the glass to be stronger than an ordinary glass. Additionally, the glass is made more tensile and compressive by heating and cooling it faster. The process of heating and cooling ensures that the glass hardens faster from the outside than the inside creating the tensile nature. This kind of glass is unique when it breaks; it normally shatters into smaller pieces that have dull edges. The science behind this can be very confusing but it is one of the safety features that prevent serious injuries in an accident.

It’s a good idea to choose a service center that has trained technicians that only use original equipment manufacturer glass for any vehicle windshield replacement. Choosing a quality workshop is an added advantage because the technicians will analyze the damage then repair. This can save you lots of expenditure. However, if the damages are intense in the corners or are big, there is a likely hood of the problem spreading with time and spoiling the whole windshield. That is why it’s a good idea to replace the windshield than repair it after the technicians have analyzed it and considered it as totally damaged.

Types of services offered by auto glass repair

There are different services that are offered by professional auto repair and replacement workshops. They also ensure quality replacement and repair of broken glass or chipped off windshields. It’s the work of the professionals to ensure the drivers and passenger’s safety and also durability of any automobile glass replaced or repaired.

Each automobile glass shop has a variety of services to offer their customers. Each service serves a particular for instance; it can work on broken or chipped glass, displaced glass or damaged and scratched glass. The following are some of the glass problems addressed to at an auto glass repair dallas and replacement companies.


Windshield repair

It is one of the common and essential services that are offered by almost all the repair and replacement centers. Any professional company that deals with auto glass will prefer to repair the windshield than to replace it. They will only replace the windshield if it is beyond repair.


Broken windshield

A broken windshield can be repaired by experts rather than replacing it. This is very cost effective and also time saving.


Chip repair

Chip repair is very common and most people have their windshields fixed in case of chips problems rather than full windshield replacements. Like the broken wind shield, the chip repair is also time saving and less expensive.

by Jason Day